Insuring Your Carbon Credits Eliminates Financial & Reputational Risks

 Carbon credits are the foundation of many organizations’ decarbonization strategies and are essential to achieving net-zero. Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™, protects carbon credit investments so no organization is left bearing the reputational risk.

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As carbon credit risks compound, securing your investment is critical to protecting your reputation. By insuring your carbon credits, we deliver security, confidence, and protection in an unregulated and opaque market. We protect the transition to net-zero.

Insure Your Carbon Credits

The carbon credit market is an evolving landscape with high risk and high reward. In choosing carbon credits as part of a Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) or decarbonization strategy, including an insurance policy insulates organizations from unforeseen losses.




Carbon Protect

The insurance solution that secures your carbon investment and provides confidence your carbon credits are protected.

Various risks compound when carbon credits enter post-certification, blocking successful outcomes for organizations committed to climate action.

You should not be buying a carbon credit that is uninsured.

Post-Certification Risks

Catastrophic Events

A flood, fire, storm, drought, or earthquake may destroy all or part of the related project, ultimately invalidating carbon credits linked to that project.


Methodology Changes

As scientific understanding advances, registries and other bodies may change the methodologies used to assess both the validity of the creditor and the volume of credits produced by a project. These changes can adversely affect issued credits.


Fraudulent Issuing

The carbon credit market is unregulated, putting your portfolio at risk of fraudulent activity based on multiple credits being issued or no baseline to the underlying project.


Registry Removal

Your carbon credits are subject to central oversight by registries. After a review, a registry may identify quality issues with the project and remove issued credits.


Theft or Loss

Your carbon credit data is stored centrally and is at risk of being stolen or lost.


Cyber Attack

Carbon credits are increasingly targeted by criminals and are at risk of being destroyed by ransomware or cyber attacks.


Credit Downgrades

The rating agency obtains new information about the project that was previously unknown and decides to downgrade the credits it has produced. This ultimately reduces the amount of greenhouse gas the credit has sequestered and results in credits that did not exist or unretired credits worth less than what you paid.


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Carbon Credit Lifecycle

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Carbon Protect insures carbon credits, so your organization can reduce or eliminate financial and reputational risks. We cover all project types so your investment is secure. Guaranteed.

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Carbon Protect guarantees your organization’s climate commitments, ultimately protecting your reputation.

Insure Your Climate Commitment

Corresponding Adjustment Protect™

An insurance solution that protects the risks of an authorized credit losing its Article 6 authorization due to the Corresponding Adjustments not being applied or LoA revocation by the host country.

Carbon Protect™

An insurance solution the provides financial compensation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable post-issuance risks to ensure carbon credits.