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Insure Every
Carbon Credit

Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™, is leading the pathway to a more stable and transparent carbon credit market, resulting in higher quality carbon offset projects that truly impact climate change.

Our mission is to ensure every carbon credit is insured.

“If buying high-integrity carbon credits is too difficult or too risky, a vital source of funding in the fight against climate change will be lost. We simply cannot afford for that to happen.”

Annette Nazareth | Chair of the integrity Council
For the voluntary Carbon Market

Who We Work With

  • Corporations
  • Developers
  • Carbon Brokers
  • Carbon Registries
  • Rating Agencies

Creating Value for Any Industry

Why Insure

Protect Your Carbon Investment

With increased scrutiny on organizations’ and companies’ carbon footprint and decarbonization strategies, environmental claims present significant reputational risks across the carbon credit lifecycle, alongside financial risks.

Carbon Credit Lifecycle


“Insurance will play a central role in strengthening global resilience against climate-related risks and directing capital to new climate technologies.”

Max Chee, Head of Aquiline Technology Growth

We Insure Your
Carbon Investment

Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company, mitigates risks associated with the opaque and unregulated carbon credit market.

How it works

Underwriting Platform

We deliver comprehensive carbon insurance policies to replace credits that have been reversed, invalidated, downgraded, double-counted, or even stolen. Our data modeling delivers unique carbon insurance solutions to underwrite climate commitments.

Economic losses from natural catastrophes
have increased 250% in the last 30 years.


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