Oka™ Collaborating with Xpansiv as They Launch Open-Access Infrastructure to Scale the Global Energy Transition

Oka is excited about the opportunity to provide the infrastructure and risk mitigation tools to help scale the market with Xpansiv.

 Xpansiv’s market-leading data combined with Oka’s insurance expertise will further support comprehensive quoting, influence expansion across new products and services, and joint marketing initiatives as underwritten by Oka.

Oka and other partners are listed below in Xpansiv’s press release.

Xpansiv® Launches Xpansiv Connect™ Open-Access Infrastructure to Scale the Global Energy Transition

  • Opens integration with market leading multi-registry environmental asset management and automated settlement systems
  • Collaborations to leverage platform capabilities underway with Trafigura, MSCI Carbon Markets, GoNetZero™, and Patch

NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY — Xpansiv®, the leading market infrastructure provider for the global energy transition, today launched Xpansiv Connect™ to provide open access to the company’s market-leading trading, post-trade settlement, meta-registry, and portfolio management platforms to all stakeholders, including end users, brokers, banks, exchanges, and other service and platform providers.

Xpansiv Connect enables seamless access to the company’s robust automated settlement and portfolio management systems, which are fully integrated with 13 leading global registries and process over one billion asset transfers annually. Xpansiv Connect also supports five marketplaces and a worldwide network of hundreds of direct market participants.


“We believe opening access to our proven, institutional-grade technology infrastructure will best support the ecosystem of interoperable technology and market solutions needed to achieve a timely and equitable global energy transition.” said John Melby, Chief Executive Officer.

“We are excited by the significant uptake of Xpansiv Connect by market-leading firms and look forward to enabling all stakeholders in these critical markets.”

The company is working with leading market participants from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas to build or enhance existing and new solutions and services using the platform. These participants include Trafigura, MSCI Carbon Markets, GoNetZero™, and Patch.

Other partners exploring ways to leverage Xpansiv Connect include the Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam, as well as insurers Oka and Kita. Xpansiv Connect is also supported by existing Xpansiv partners including BeZero Carbon, Sylvera, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The launch marks the first time Xpansiv’s automated settlement and multi-asset, multi-registry portfolio management system—over which more than one billion asset transfers are made annually—is open to external trading platforms and exchanges, beyond current partners CME Group, Johannesburg Stock Exchange Ventures, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


©Xpansiv – used with permission.

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