Oka™ CEO, Chris Slater, Interviewed by Sustainable Insurer

In the article Insurance-backed credits: an innovative step in theevolution of the carbon markets, Oka CEO Chris Slater discusses the recent flurry of activity in the carbon credit insurance market that has presaged the next stage in the evolution of thevoluntary carbon market (VCM).

“With insurance, we’re trying to give buyers confidence that the credits they’re buying can stand behind the claims that they’re making with their net-zero goals.

And for developers who are listing their credits on a global platform, it gives them an opportunity to signal to the market that their credits are insured [and that] therefore they are of quality.”

©Sustainable Insurer – used with permission.

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Corresponding Adjustment Protect™

An insurance solution that protects the risks of an authorized credit losing its Article 6 authorization due to the Corresponding Adjustments not being applied or LoA revocation by the host country.

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An insurance solution the provides financial compensation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable post-issuance risks to ensure carbon credits.