Insurance Increases Carbon Credit Value

In a competitive market, meet growing corporate demand for risk-protected carbon credits and sell protected credits at a premium.

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Oka’s Insurance Solution

Offer Your Buyers Contract Security

Oka’s first-of-its-kind carbon insurance solution provides buyers with financial compensation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable post-issuance risks, including invalidation and reversal.

“Insurance will play a central role in strengthening global resilience against climate-related risks and directing capital to new climate technologies.”

Build Trust With Your Carbon Credit Buyers


Carbon credits are a critical component of corporate decarbonization strategies, but recent controversies have deterred risk-averse buyers. Oka removes their barriers to entry.

Oka’s insurance solution is integrated, agile, and covers unavoidable and unforeseeable risks — providing an innovative solution for investing in a net-zero future.

introducing CARBON PROTECT™

Transform Carbon Credits From High-Risk to Secure

Oka’s data-driven underwriting platform sets the standard for quality carbon offset projects with its responsive design. Premiums reflect projects’ true risks, and models adjust to changing climate risks over time.

Secured by our insurance solution, Carbon Protect, credits meet buyer demand for quality offsetting solutions to create certainty and stability so the market can scale.

Benefits of Insured Carbon Credits

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Accelerate Sales

Move inventory more quickly by streamlining the due diligence process for potential buyers.


Address New Markets

Meet growing corporate demand for risk-protected carbon credits within transition pathways.


Command a Higher Premium

The credit is wrapped in insurance coverage, making it easy to pass on to future buyers.


Competitive Differentiator

In a competitive market for quality credits, insurance-wrapped credits can be sold at a premium.


Minimize Entry Barriers

Reduce sales friction among risk-averse buyers by streamlining
their due diligence process.


Resolve Claims

Simple process and resolved as cash settlement.


Unlock Capital

Open your project(s) to a wider pool of capital by meeting customer and investor risk standards.


Insure Your Credits

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Carbon Credit Insurance

Secure Carbon Credit Transactions

Carbon credits finance climate projects and emerging technologies essential to combating climate change. To reach net zero, we must scale the VCM. Oka’s carbon credit insurance makes it possible.

Protect Your Carbon Credits

Corresponding Adjustment Protect™

An insurance solution that protects the risks of an authorized credit losing its Article 6 authorization due to a Corresponding Adjustment not being applied or LoA revocation by the host country.

Carbon Protect™

An insurance solution the provides financial compensation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable post-issuance risks to ensure carbon credits.