Insurance Increases Carbon Credit Value

Carbon credit insurance is how you secure your portfolio and gain buyers’ trust.

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Our Platform

Offer Your Buyers Contract Security

Oka’s insurance solutions preserve carbon credit integrity in the event of invalidation and reversal caused by catastrophic events, fraudulent issuing, and registry removal.

“Insurance will play a central role in strengthening global resilience against climate-related risks and directing capital to new climate technologies.”

Build Trust with Your Buyers


Overcoming buyer skepticism is crucial to selling carbon credits. Unfortunately, buffer pools do little to mitigate long-term, financial, and reputational risks.

Oka’s insurance solutions are integrated, agile, and cover avoidable risks — providing an innovative solution for investing in a net-zero future.

introducing CARBON PROTECT™

Transform Carbon Credits From High-Risk to Secure

Oka’s data-driven underwriting platform sets the standard for quality carbon offset projects with its responsive design. Premiums reflect projects’ true risks, and models adjust to changing climate risks over time. 

Carbon Protect™, our comprehensive carbon credit insurance, creates certainty and financial stability so the market can continue growing.

Insured Credits Deliver Value

Higher Quality Credits

Insurance gives you the ability to alter credit value, regardless of market fluctuations.


Shorten Due Diligence Cycles

Buyers can spend months weighing carbon credit investments. De-risk the process with carbon credit insurance.


Minimize Contract Risk

Comprehensive insurance coverage eliminates many risks buyers face throughout a carbon credit’s lifecycle.


Safeguard Reputation

Buyers’ trust is hard-earned and easily lost. Bolster your reputation when you insure every carbon credit you sell.


Reduce Balance Sheet Risk

Give buyers the option to submit an insurance claim for financial compensation for impaired carbon credits. Offsetting their emissions depends on it.


Release Buffer Pool Credits

Financial risks accumulate rapidly in the ever-changing VCM. Dial in your liquidity risk and manage market volatility.


Gain a Competitive Advantage

The climate is inherently unpredictable. You need credits that flex when the unexpected happens.


Insure Your Credits

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Carbon Credit Insurance

Safeguard Carbon Credit Transactions

Carbon credits finance climate projects and emerging technologies essential to combating climate change. To reach net zero, we must scale the VCM. Carbon credit insurance removes barriers.

Protect Your Carbon Credits